Design From Scratch/Design from Brief

Our Client wanted to design an artwork using a very bad image of a T-Shirt. They didnt had anything else other than the image of the T-shirt. See below:

Original Request

They provided the image above and asked us to design the artwork for them. We accepted the project and designed the artwork based on the image above and other ideas. See below for the first draft:

Draft 1

We received the feedback saying the person dosent look like painting a car but he looks like a pest controller. We accepted the feedback and designed the second draft below:

Draft 2

Seeing the artwork above they were really impressed and then they asked for few more changes which resulted in the final artwork like below:

Tasco final

You can see, how our artists designed an artwork from scratch just using the ideas and 1 old artwork which was impossible to recreate.

Both my client and the end customer were happy with the final artwork.

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