Imprint Art Services is a leading services provider for Image Background removal, Retouching and image shadow provider for Photographers ,Online Retailers, Advertising Agencies. We offer the following services under Image editing service portfolio:

Photoshop Clipping Path –

In this category, we simply remove the background from any image using Photoshop. You can send any image with a background and we provide you the same image without background.

Web Image optimization –

As the name suggests, we work on images and optimise them, so that they can be used on websites. To achieve this, we need to keep the resolution of the image as high as possible but make it light to upload on website. Leading E commerce / and online business platforms reply on our services to display the best images for their products.

Photoshop Image Masking service –

Image masking can be explained as taking an image out from its recent background but ensuring the shape of the image remains untouched. It can be used to remove any unnecessary part from the image without spoiling the integrity of the image. This is very popular tool among the photographers who want to set their image on variety of backgrounds. Image masking technique is imposed where complicated things like hair, tree leaves, sunrays are appearing in the image and where clipping path technique cannot be applied for Background removal.

Natural Drop shadow –

We use this service to add shadow to an image making it look more real and appealing. Check the samples where we have added shadow to the image making it more appealing. Many online platforms use this technique to make their products looks attractive resulting in more sale.

Image Manipulation Service –

We can manipulate any image to make it look attractive, for EG: client has an image of a Polo shirt with a person wearing it. But now the client does not want that person in the image but only need the polo shirt. We will remove the person from the image and keep the jacket. So, the jacket looks better resulting in more business.