Vector Artwork Services:

Vector artwork services or Recreation Services – We at  Imprint Art services can work on any jpeg or bitmap source file and convert them into industry standard vector file formats like Illustrator and Corel Draw with a best rate guarantee. You name it, we can do it.

We can vectorize any lower quality graphic artwork, raster or bitmap image to Hi resolution vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, so it can be used for any on any product including large sized printed banners, posters, flyers etc. For vectorization, we offer precision hand-drawn vector conversion with maximum details, sharp lines, smooth shapes, and unlimited scaling for commercial use like printers and publishers. Our vectored files can be directly used for printing as we provide final print ready files in Ai, EPS, .CDR, .PDF formats. Imprint Art services is a reliable source of vector art services in the industry because we provide fast and reliable vector artwork with finest quality at the most reasonable cost with a faster turnaround.

  •  Raster to vector conversion – JPEG, PNG, PSD file to vectored art

  • Vectored artwork for screen printing – color separated artwork to design color screens

  • Vector artwork for Vinyl cutting – This artwork will have all clear edges without cuts making super easy for vinyl cutting
  • Vector Artwork for Engraving – Convert multicolour artwork to single color artwork
  • Vector Artwork conversion from low quality embroidered artwork – this type of conversion is a difficult  task but we can do this with ease
  • Hand Drawn Illustrations
  • Vector Artwork from photos and images
  • Vector artwork from Idea and rough drawings
  • Complex vectored artwork to 1 simplified 1 color vectored artwork
  • Vector artwork for Hoardings, banners and digital signage
  • Vectored artwork needed for uniforms or Jerseys – used for sublimation
  • Vectored artwork for schools, college and university programs
  • 3D print services
  • Vectored artwork needed for floors maps, city maps need for printing
  • Artwork services needed for all types of printing needs

Final file formats:

  1. .AI file ]
  2. .EPS file ]
  3. .CDR file ]
  4. .PDF file ]