Virtual mock-ups / paper proofs is a very important aspect of the promotional products industry. If you can show your customer an exact model of the product’s appearance after printing, 98% of the sale is made. So, it is very necessary that you obtain an exact model for your client. The customer is questionable and can not decide which promotional product to buy? The customer wants to see how his logo will appear on the promotional product? Customer wants various logo options on the product?

The sale is blocked because of these demands …

We have the solution for you … MOCK UPS VIRTUALS.

A virtual model or virtual sample is a quick way to leave a lasting impression on your customer to show what their logo / brand would look like on a promotional product.

We design high quality electronic samples for any promotional product, customized with your customer’s logo or message. We can help you design a virtual model of any product with any logo / illustration. You just need to provide the illustration and details of the product or product image. We will design a virtual model that will erase all doubts in your customer’s mind. Use our virtual rendering services to impress the customer and win the business.

We can design a virtual model on any promotional product of any color and size. We will provide models with different options depending on the size of the print, the color of the print, the location of the print, etc., which will help the customer make his decision faster.

Use our fictitious services to give accurate information about the promotional product and win business with a satisfied customer.

Check the Portfolio section for virtual mockup examples.